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Calling all nurses, midwives and HCAs

Do you feel stressed, burnt out, isolated and overwhelmed? Do you need someone to talk to, a shoulder to lean on, or a moment to let some steam off?
Nurses are devoted to providing quality care and promoting health, but rarely take their own health into account. Long before the pandemic, nurses were placed under extreme levels of stress – feeling isolated and exhausted.

Nurse Lifeline

We all need to offload to someone - and who more suitable than someone who understands, someone in the industry, and who you can relate to? Nurse Lifeline offer a confidential listening service for nurses, midwives and HCAs in the UK. Nurse Lifeline do not provide counselling or offer advice, but sometimes just talking about your day with someone who understands can be a game changer.
Stressed nurses on the verge of burnout can lead to lack of motivation, poor performance and increased medical errors. However, having support such as Nurse Lifeline can result in many benefits, such as increased nurse retention, improved health and improved patient care. 
All of the listeners are healthcare volunteers trained in support skills. Speaking with someone who ‘gets it’ may just give you the encouragement that you need, or it might boost your confidence in seeking ongoing support. Nurse Lifeline is also the first nursing and midwifery led initiative to offer a national, free and confidential peer to peer listening service, by nurses and midwives, for nurses and midwives.

Improving mental and emotional wellbeing

Nurse Life’s mission is to improve mental and emotional wellbeing by fostering a positive, empowered community through peer-support. This creates safe environment to offload and where nurses feel like their physiological and emotional needs are met. When the basic level of needs is met, nurses will feel a sense of belonging and effectively contribute to their work. This allows nurses to be more engaged and function at their highest level.
Nursing is rewarding, challenging and stressful, and it is important to take care of yourself first before you care for others. Whether that be yoga, meditation, a long nap or talking to someone who understands. Nurse Lifeline are HERE TO LISTEN. HERE TO ENCOURAGE. HERE TOGETHER.
If you are interested in using The Listening Service, healthcare volunteers are available from:
7pm - 10pm from Monday to Friday at 0808 801 0455
If you need to speak to someone urgently outside of these hours, please reach out to your local support network or call the Samaritans on 116 123.