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Crossword puzzles: Benefits for children and adults

When thinking about crossword puzzles, many people just perceive it as a peaceful way to pass the time. However, there are many underlying benefits to completing crossword puzzles- whether you choose the traditional cryptic puzzles (blocked or barred grid, word sudoku, or abstract symbols), trivia puzzles, or word search puzzles. 
Research has shown that completing crossword puzzles can help to relieve stress, improve intellectual well-being, assist in learning a new (or specialized) language, and much more! Something else to note is that crossword puzzles are beneficial for children and adults alike. Take a look…
Children and adults both love to have fun and they’re also both natural learners. So, why not combine the two and partake in a fun educational activity to get involved in, like crossword puzzles? The advantages are many! Here are a few:
  • Encourages interests: Individual interests should be cultivated. A great way to do this through crossword puzzles is by completing themed puzzles - if you love animals, you could complete a puzzle about pets and wildlife. This can help to nurture and stimulate your curiosity while learning about the world.
  • Teaches new facts: Many of us enjoy learning new things, just like fun facts. Educational crossword puzzles are often full of interesting information and new facts. As we solve the riddles/clues, we learn more about the world that we live in. As you develop, you can start completing puzzles that increase in difficulty that can help you to challenge yourself and be patient when overcoming new obstacles.
  • Expands vocabulary: It takes time to build one’s vocabulary and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to read the dictionary, so crossword puzzles come in handy. When we complete word puzzles, we become exposed to words that we were previously unfamiliar with. The clues and a dictionary can help us to learn new words while having fun.
  • Promotes development: When we do crossword puzzles, they needn’t be done alone. Figuring out the clues with friends or family allows for social development by spending time, bonding, and communicating with our loved ones. It also leads to increased emotional control and the ability to tolerate stress by challenging yourself to figure out the words. It can also help to reduce stress by increasing your feelings of competence and giving you something on which to focus.
  • Improves mental functions: Research has shown that regularly completing crossword puzzles can improve your ability to focus on any desired task and improve both your working memory and executive function. All these skills are able to improve one’s ability to successfully navigate everyday life’s challenges.
Whatever your crossword puzzle of choice, the benefits are the same for both children and adults. At Clinical24, we are always keen to seek out ways of improving and enhancing our well-being, so watch this space for many more fun-filled ways for mental, physical, and emotional growth. If you’d like to join a team that cares, get in touch via email or browse through our latest vacancies and start applying!